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Overview of the network monumentation

Jérôme SAUNIER (IGN, France)

Event: 2014 IDS Workshop

Session: Network and constellation: status and evolution

Presentation type: Type Poster

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Of the four space geodetic techniques contributing to the realization of the International Terrestrial Reference System, DORIS is the only global network managed by a unique entity. Such advantage allowed to monitor the stations installation and to pay particularly close attention to the antennas monumentation.

IGN - in charge of the network deployment since the beginning - in consultation with CNES - drew up three standard monuments compliant to the DORIS system requirements.

After a brief historical overview, we list and describe the current required specifications for a DORIS antenna monument and the three standard configurations.

Then we provide a comparative assessment of the stability of the monuments over the network.

Finally, we present a number of actions to monitor the monument stability and provide elements for the error budget of the antenna reference point position.