Reprocessing from CNES/CLS IDS Analysis Center for the contribution to the ITRF2013



Laurent Soudarin (CLS, FRANCE); Jean-Michel Lemoine (CNES, France); Philippe Schaeffer (CLS, FRANCE)

Event: 2014 IDS Workshop

Session: IDS processing for ITRF2013

Presentation type: Type Oral

We present in this contribution the main aspects of the reprocessing efforts done at the CNES/CLS Analysis Center. We processed 20 years of DORIS data with the available DORIS network. The standards and all of the IDS recommendations have been taken into account in these solutions. In particular, we used the phase law for ALCATEL and STAREC antennas given by the Antenna CNES team. We focus here on the last improvements brought in our processing for the HY2A and SARAL satellites. We show the statistical results such as one per revolution empirical acceleration amplitudes, orbit residuals, as well the use of altimeter crossovers for JASON-2. We give also some comparisons to the CNES precise orbit used for altimetry.

Oral presentation show times:

RoomStart DateEnd Date
Blue salon Mon, Oct 27 2014,11:15 Mon, Oct 27 2014,11:30