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DORIS applications in Geodetic problems

Vikash Kumar (IIT KANPUR, India)

Event: 2022 IDS Workshop

Session: Research activities, new applications using DORIS data, new methods of processing DORIS data

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DORIS (Doppler Orbitography and Radio positioning Integrated by Satellite) is a space based piggyback
satellite system which when used as terrestrial measurement system can provide an accuracy of 10cm in absolute position measurement and in the order of sub- cm accuracy in relative measurements. When it rides piggy back on any satellite system can provide an orbital accuracy up to cm level. This space based geodetic measurement technique has been used for the past three decades world over, for precise measurement on the ground as well as on all oceanographic and altimetric satellite missions. The main applications for which it has been employed are for practical societal applications such as prediction of earthquake, monitoring of ocean, climatology etc., This technique can be considered as an important tool for disaster management. DORIS observations are used in Earth systems for defining International Terrestrial Reference Frame (ITRF) which will help in predicting earth movements and can be used effectively in earthquake pre cursor studies. In oceanography it will help in ocean circulation and climatology studies leading to predicting the changing climate which is of prior concern. In atmospheric studies also it will be a great help to Indian meteorological department in analyzing the tropospheric and Ionospheric modelling. Since our Space Research Organization has been launching several satellite missions and DORIS is being used for computation of the precise orbits, this technique has come to stay for a long time. Though this technology has been around for three decades, it has not been introduced in India so far. The National Centre for Geodesy set up by Department of Science and Technology at the IIT Kanpur has set up a Geodesy village in their campus, where this DORIS station has been established. I will be the first one to work on this Space based Geodetic technique in the country, as my PhD topic is for understanding its usage mainly in Societal applications and transfer of this knowledge to Indian scientific community.

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Sala Zorzi Tue, Nov 01 2022,16:30 Tue, Nov 01 2022,16:45
Vikash Kumar