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Contribution of DORIS on-board the Galileo constellation in terms of positioning

Adrian Banos Garcia (Collecte Localisation Satellite, France)


Guilhem Moreaux (Collecte Localisation Satellite, France)

Event: 2022 IDS Workshop

Session: Research activities, new applications using DORIS data, new methods of processing DORIS data

Presentation type: Type Oral

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Given the stable design and long-life expectancy of the Galileo navigation system, as well as the availability of Laser Reflector Arrays (LRAs) on each satellite, the question of adding on-board future Galileo satellites a DORIS receiver linked to the satellite’s maser oscillator was recently raised at CNES and IGN. With three geodetic techniques on-board each future Galileo satellite (GNSS signals, Satellite Laser Ranging and DORIS), and potentially a fourth one with the addition of VLBI transmitters, the geometrical measurement passes could be identical over the co-located DORIS transmitters, Galileo receivers and SLR sites. Indeed, the three techniques, used together in a global common configuration, would contribute for the first time to the ITRF determination with their own measurement characteristics, whereas now, they only contribute with limited observation geometries. The purpose of this study is to quantify the contribution of DORIS on-board the Galileo constellation in terms of positioning by simulating that all or some Galileo satellites are equipped with a DORIS receiver. A global network of up to 39 stations based on the CNES/IGN IGS REGINA network will be used. A combination of an only-Galileo time series with the official IDS CNES-CLS AC contribution to the ITRF2020 has been done to assess the impact of DORIS on Galileo in the DORIS solution. First conclusions indicate that the impact is positive, showing encouraging results both on the consistency and stability of the scale factor, the geocenter determination and the improvement of positioning performance, especially on the East coordinate, which is the least good of the directions observed by DORIS

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Sala Zorzi Tue, Nov 01 2022,15:00 Tue, Nov 01 2022,15:15
Adrian Banos Garcia
Collecte Localisation Satellite