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A new Time and Frequency reference for the DORIS beacons

Vincent Garcia (CLS, France)

Event: 2022 IDS Workshop

Session: DORIS network and constellation: status and evolution

Presentation type: Type Oral

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DORIS signals and measurements are synchronized with TAI (International Atomic Time) using Time and Frequency beacons, of which there are five (Toulouse, Papeete, Kourou, Hartebeesthoek, Terre Adélie). These beacons use as a clock reference a combination of a DORIS USO slaved to a cesium atomic clock to generate the 5MHz signal and a GPS receiver to time-tag it. A new, cheaper, smaller and precise equipment is developed by CNES and Timelink to replace this combination. The first results of this new clock equipment will be presented here.

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Room Start Date End Date
Sala Zorzi Mon, Oct 31 2022,14:55 Mon, Oct 31 2022,15:10
Vincent Garcia