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Doris STAREC ground antennas characterization and impact on localization.

Cédric TOURAIN (CNES, France)


Guilhem MOREAUX (CLS, France); Albert AURIOL (CNES, France)

Event: 2014 IDS Workshop

Session: Network and constellation: status and evolution

Presentation type: Type Oral

Contribution: not provided


With the increase of DORIS localization processing performances, a more accurate knowledge of all reference points poisitions becomes necessary.
In this framework, a work has been performed to characterize the DORIS STAREC ground antenna.
It leads to an updated STAREC phase center - phase law defintion, with an associated error budget.
This characterization has been provided to IDS users. Then, IDS agreed to include this new antenna PCV's for its ITRF2013 reprocessing.
After presentation of the new antennas PCVs, we will address its impact on DORIS stations positions at both global (scale factor) and local (North, East and Up coordinates time series) scales.

Oral presentation show times:

Room Start Date End Date
Blue salon Mon, Oct 27 2014,14:45 Mon, Oct 27 2014,15:00