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DORIS Network 2014 Status Report

Jérôme SAUNIER (IGN, France)

Event: 2014 IDS Workshop

Session: Network and constellation: status and evolution

Presentation type: Type Oral

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The key quality of the DORIS network is its homogeneous geographical distribution over the world. This specificity, placed from the beginning among the main system requirements, today is DORIS' pride and the envy of all other space geodetic technique.
But, this has a significant cost. The maintenance of all these remote stations is not an easy task. Things are getting more and more complicated as route gets longer: communication, negotiation, shipment, works monitoring, and the administrative tasks like customs clearance, agreement signatures, authorizations, and payments...

We present the work of the network teams and its constant efforts for maintaining a high level of network availability and performance, reviewing the main events of the last two years including new installations and station renovations.

Then we give up-to-date statistics about network performance and we review the current network co-locations, either with space geodesy techniques or tide gauges.

Finally, planned evolutions impacting the network map and improvement actions are presented.
DORIS Network 2014 Status Report

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Blue salon Mon, Oct 27 2014,14:15 Mon, Oct 27 2014,14:30