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The main results of the DORIS data processing in the INASAN Analysis Center for the ITRF2014

Sergey Kuzin (Institute of Astronomy of the RAS, Russia)

Event: 2016 IDS Workshop

Session: IDS processing for and with ITRF2014

Presentation type: Type Oral

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We present results of the DORIS data processing for the ITRF2014 carried out in the Institute of Astronomy, Russian Academy of Sciences for the time period 1993.0 - 2015.0. The evaluated SINEX free-network (inawd08) weekly solutions for station positions and polar motion have been submitted to the IDS Combination Center. We applied the upgraded models of the gravity field, troposphere, and used corrected data for Spot5 satellite which permitted us to improve the result precision for Helmert transformation parameters and EOP. The agreement with the IERS C04 solution turns out better than 0.1 mas with a dispersion of 1 mas. The evaluated amplitudes of annual geocenter variations derived from inawd08 weekly solutions are 3.4±0.5 mm, 4.4±0.5 mm, and 3.3±1.0 mm for X, Y, and Z components, respectively. The recovered amplitudes and phases are in a good agreement with the geophysical models. The results of single satellite campaign related to the scale increase in 2012 for IDS combination are studied. Unlike other Analysis Centers, we did not apply a phase center law for ground antennas. It was shown that the correction for the phase center variation (PCV) of ground DORIS antennas results in the shift of the mean scale factor by 1.24 ppb ( i.e., ~ 8 mm) with respect to the case without correction.

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Casoar Mon, Oct 31 2016,17:00 Mon, Oct 31 2016,17:20
Sergey Kuzin
Institute of Astronomy of the RAS