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Which datation method for DORIS-RINEX data

Pascale Ferrage (CNES, France)


Christian Jayles (CNES, France); Jean Michel Lemoine (CNES, France); Hugues Capdeville (CLS, France); Guilhem Moreaux (CLS, France)

Event: 2016 IDS Workshop

Session: Precise Orbit Determination and clock

Presentation type: Type Oral

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Which datation method for DORIS-RINEX data
P. Ferrage1, J.M. Lemoine1, C. Jayles1, G. Moreaux2, H. Capdeville2
(1) CNES, Toulouse, France
(2) CLS, Toulouse, France
Since 2008, a new format of DORIS data is available at IDS data Centers for all satellites equipped with DGXX and DGXX-S DORIS receivers: the “DORIS-RINEX” format, very close to the DORIS raw measurements.
At first, data were provided by a component called SPARINEX, directly using the DIODE on board navigator software for measurements datation. Since January 2015, these data have been re-processed using a new component (PANDOR) which improves DORIS measurements datation accuracy by on ground re-processing. Since then, the DORIS-RINEX data have been provided by PANDOR.
After few reminders of the DORIS-RINEX format and of the principle of the PANDOR processing, we build a comprehensive review on the use of PANDOR in operations in term of performance and accuracy, supports to users, operational consequences. Finally, we will determine the interest or not to continue with PANDOR for operational dissemination.


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Casoar Mon, Oct 31 2016,14:00 Mon, Oct 31 2016,14:15
Pascale Ferrage