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IDS Combined Solution: on the way to the ITRF2020

Guilhem Moreaux (CLS, France)

Event: 2018 IDS Workshop

Session: SESSION II: IDS Processing and Plans for the Next ITRF

Presentation type: Type Oral

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Since the delivery of the IDS contribution to the ITRF2014, both the IDS Analysis Centers (ACs) and the IDS Combination Center (CC) implemented new processing strategies which must impact the IDS contribution to the next realization of the ITRF.
At the IDS AC level, one of the major evolutions concerns the mitigation of the sensitivity of the Jason-2/3 and Sentinel-3A to the South Atlantic Anomaly. Combined with the new DORIS data pre-processing from each IDS AC, we will show that these evolutions will i) mostly cancel the DORIS scale increase depicted by the IDS contribution to the ITRF2014 after 2012; ii) reduce the vertical offsets between the DORIS and GNSS coordinate time series for the stations localized in the SAA region (e.g. Arequipa, Cachoeira, Kourou, Saint-Helena) and iii) downsize the amplitude of the Jason’s draconitic signal in both the translation parameters and the coordinate time series.
At the IDS CC level, in line with the slight degradation before 2002 of the positioning performance of the IDS contribution to the ITRF2014 with respect to the IDS contribution to the ITRF2008, the IDS CC tested different parameterization of the data editing. Thus, we will present the impact of these new parameterization on the overall performance of the IDS combined solution.

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Lagoa Do Fogo Mon, Sep 24 2018,18:00 Mon, Sep 24 2018,18:20
Guilhem Moreaux