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INA DORIS AC processing for ITRF2013

Sergey Kuzin (Institute of Astronomy RAS, Russia, Russia)


Souria Tatevian (Institute of Astronomy RAS, Russia)

Event: 2014 IDS Workshop

Session: IDS processing for ITRF2013

Presentation type: Type Oral

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Institute of Astronomy (INA) DORIS AC reprocessed all DORIS data for 1993.0 - 2014.0 (21 years) period and submitted the SINEX free-network INA08 weekly solutions to the IDS Combination Center for validation. GIPSY- OASIS II software (version 6.2) developed by JPL has been used for processing. As compared to the previous INA DORIS ITRF2008 (INA07) contribution, several new models were included in GIPSY- OASIS II software for ITRF2013 computation. The data of majority of DORIS satellites were processed except HY2A, SARAL and JASON1. The corrected data of SPOT5 SAA (South Atlantic Anomaly) were used for processing from the beginning of 2006.0 onward. Unlike the other ACs INA did't apply phase laws for ground antennas. Preliminary analysis of INA08 weekly solutions made by the IDS Combination Center, showed an improvement compare to INA07 ones. However it should be noted that results of the processing of the additional single satellite campaign 2012-2013, carried out by the INA, detected Cryosat-2 curious variations of the scale as well as Tz strong periodic signal. In conclusion the ways of future investigations are discussed.

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Blue salon Mon, Oct 27 2014,11:00 Mon, Oct 27 2014,11:15
Sergey Kuzin
Institute of Astronomy RAS, Russia